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Radio Controlled Model Tanks

New 1/4th T34/84 RC tank 1/6th Comet
1/6th Scale Comet British WW2 RC TankAt last, a decent British Tank from WW2. Developed from the Crusader type Tank design, the Comet was the First British Tank that was a match for Germany’s finest. Using the high velocity 17pd gun similar as fitted to the Sherman firefly, it could knock out Tigers and Panthers without problem. Fast, agile, and reliable. The engine was a Meteor V12, basically a Merlin V12 as used in the Superb Spitfire, but without the supercharger. It was a pity it only arrived in WW2 at the end of 1944.

The model runs on 24v, and is fast, agile, and an extremely good runner, in fact I reckon it’s the best runner we do in 1/6th, so far. Prices from GB£3000

Radio Controlled Model Tanks
1/6th Comet

1/6th Scale Comet British WW2 RC Tank1/6th Scale Comet British WW2 RC Tank1/6th Scale Comet British WW2 RC Tank1/6th Scale Comet British WW2 RC Tank

1/6th comet with its 1/1 cousin
1/6th Scale and 1/1 Comet British WW2 RC Tank

Radio Controlled Model Tanks

1/6th Comet

Price: GB£3000.00

Rolling Chassis

Price: GB£3800.00 With 6 Channel RC, Turn turret, Gun elevation, and Twin ESC with correct engine sounds, complete with speakers and batteries, painted in a base colour, all ready to go.
Radio Controlled Model Tanks
Options for 1/6th Comet


Price: GB£95.00

Turn Turret

Price: GB£95.00

Gun Elevation

Price: GB£150.00

2 x 12v 22amph Car Battery

Price: GB£180.00

2 x Titan ESCs (for use without engine sounds)

Price: GB£165.00

Gun Fire Simulator (single shot Pyrotechnic with main gun recoil)

Price: GB£375.00

Full proportional engine sounds with Twin24v ESC unit
(sounds original to each type of tank)

Price: GB£75.00

2 x 12v Speakers for Noise Simulator

Price: GB£125.00

Smoke Generator Fitted to have smoke out of exhausts

NB Prices above include fitting

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